Current Principal

Current Principal

Principal: Mr. Yongtai Jiang
Phone: 04-7369676 Ext. 100
Address: No. 357, Ziqiang Road, Changhua City, Changhua County



1. School Philosophy:

Everything begins with the students' learning and needs. We aim to create a warm, happy, and caring campus that fosters diverse and appropriate learning opportunities. By inspiring students' potential, we create endless possibilities, helping them grow robustly in an environment where they can showcase their talents and find their own unique strengths. We hope every student can learn in a friendly and joyful environment, supporting the disadvantaged, sincerely caring, deeply learning, and showcasing multiple talents. Through strict yet diligent teaching, we aim to uplift every student, equipping them with practical skills they can carry forward to achieve success.

2. Educational Philosophy:

With "Health, Character, Learning" as the core values of our educational philosophy, we strive to achieve the educational goals of "Respecting Differences, Teaching According to Ability, and Adaptive Development," "Love and Care, Supporting the Disadvantaged, Friendly Treatment," and "Excellent Learning, Holistic Education, Self-Realization" through the following practices:

  1. Constructing a Safe and Friendly Learning Environment: Establishing a campus where safety is a priority, beautifying and greening the school, respecting individual differences, and building a diverse, intelligent, friendly, and warm learning environment.
  2. Providing Diverse and Innovative Learning Curriculums: Encouraging professional learning communities among teachers, planning diverse and suitable curriculums and club activities, and promoting innovative and dynamic teaching. Implementing personalized teaching to enhance students' learning motivation, stimulate their potential, and cultivate an excellent learning attitude for their diverse and adaptive development.
  3. Establishing Caring and Harmonious Administrative Support: Through professional technology and democratic leadership, we actively care and implement mobile communication and coordination, realizing administrative support and teaching services, and establishing an administrative support system. Prioritizing the needs of teachers and students, enhancing administrative efficiency, and genuinely serving them.
  4. Creating a Thankful and Happy Campus Atmosphere: Treating teachers and students with love and care, securing community and social resources to support the disadvantaged, promoting balanced development in all five aspects of education, and fostering a respectful, accepting, equal, grateful, warm, and happy campus atmosphere to nurture students' character development and achieve holistic education.
  5. Establishing a Quality and Excellent Characteristic School: Bridging the gap with the community, promoting positive interactions among parents, teachers, and students, and cultivating students with local feelings, technological applications, and an international perspective to become quality global citizens. Creating an exquisite and excellent characteristic school, helping students find themselves through career development and leveraging their strengths to achieve personal self-realization.

3. School Goals:

We aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Students enjoy learning.
  • Teachers find joy in teaching.
  • The administration is willing to serve.
  • Parents support optimistically.
  • The community is charitable and helpful.

4. School Management Strategies:

  1. Promoting E-Learning and Innovative Teaching: Stimulating students' creative thinking.
  2. Establishing Diverse Clubs: Encouraging creativity and cultivating students' diverse talents.
  3. Enhancing Students' Information Technology Skills: Participating in information education activities to develop an international perspective.
  4. Valuing Individual Differences: Implementing adaptive counseling to stimulate students' potential and foster self-affirmation.
  5. Improving the Campus Learning Environment: Promoting reading education and digital reading.
  6. Promoting English and International Education: Cultivating international awareness and global competitiveness among teachers and students.
  7. Advancing Teachers' Professional Development: Encouraging professional dialogue and reflective mechanisms to enhance teachers' professional growth.
  8. Organizing Teachers' Professional Learning Communities: Building a learning organization to activate teaching and transform learning.
  9. Empowering the Administrative Team: Establishing good public relations with media, councils, and communities to seek effective support systems.
  10. Building a Cloud Technology School: Facilitating seamless e-connection in administrative and teaching knowledge management.
  11. Implementing Quality Administrative Team Services: Supporting teaching to promote a harmonious atmosphere among teachers.
  12. Fostering a Deep Learning Atmosphere: Creating a warm and cultural space.
  13. Continuing to Build a Diverse and Suitable Learning Environment: Cultivating an educational atmosphere with new curriculum guidelines and new thinking.
  14. Establishing a Comprehensive Reward System: Encouraging teachers and students positively.
  15. Leveraging School Advantages: Developing school characteristics.
  16. Saving Resources and Effectively Using Funds: Creating a quality campus environment.
  17. Seeking Support from Parents' Association and Community Volunteers: Engaging in school education affairs.

5. Personal Commitment and Expectations:

"Students only grow up once, but education lasts a lifetime. Lead each child with love and example; treat others with truth, goodness, and beauty to realize educational ideals and goals." This is my personal commitment.

"The type of principal determines the type of school; the type of school requires a certain type of principal." I aspire to be a sincere, practical, professional leader who creates a diverse, intelligent learning environment and innovative management, allowing each child to develop their talents and strengths in an atmosphere of love and laughter. Every day, they should face a hopeful future with a healthy and happy heart.

6. Personal Motto:

"Face the world with a smile, care for others with love; act with conscience, and change yourself with actions."

7. School Vision: